The Italian Agency Contract

In italian experience, the drafting of an agency contract does not require particular procedures.

The only indispensable elements are:

– the indication of the parties and therefore the company name of the principal company and of the commercial agent.

– an indication of the products that are the subject of the agency agreement and on which the agent’s promotional activity is focused.

– an indication of the area where the agent will operate.

– the measure of the commission which must be determined as a percentage.

Although the italian jurisprudence tends to recognize the existence of an agency relationship even in the absence of a written contract, assuming decisive importance is the effectiveness of the activity carried out, its formulation is appropriate by adopting the written form.

This will therefore avoid the occurrence of disputes about the terms and methods of execution of the relationship (e.g. in relation to the area or the commission).

As with every contract, also for the agency contract it is possible to find various facsimiles on the web.

A site dedicated to the agency contract where numerous contractual models can be found that take into account the various types of relationship is the one provided by

The site also offers a large, reasoned collection of the relevant jurisprudence as well as the collective economic agreements that have followed one another over the years, obviously beyond the relevant legislation.


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